Mara Bazzo

Mara Bazzo in Drexel cheer uniform

Degree: BSBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management and Marketing

Class Year: 2019

Hometown: San Diego, California

After accidentally discovering Drexel’s campus during a tour of Philadelphia, Mara Bazzo had found her home for the next five years.

Born and raised in San Diego, Calif., Bazzo had always known that she wanted to move to the East Coast and found that Philadelphia was the perfect city for her. Having lived so far from campus, the Marketing and Operations and Supply Chain Management double major didn’t get a chance to attend orientation or accepted students day, but still found a way to make Philly her home. “I love living in the city,” says Bazzo. “I learned how to take the subway. Now, I even have a car on campus so I’ve learned how to navigate the city pretty well. It was a blind decision but it was a good one.”

Coming in as a Marketing major, Bazzo decided to add Supply Chain to her plan of study to add a different kind of strategy to her skillset that would help her one day run her own business. “Operations Management caught my eye because it’s something that’s applicable to literally everything. It’s a process from start to finish. You focus on optimizing it and making it efficient. I felt that could be applied to anything,” says Bazzo.

After continuing her pursuit of both degrees, Bazzo realized she had made the right choice. “Marketing and Supply Chain provide me a great balance,” says Bazzo. “They really complement each other because both sets of classes focus on strategy which is nice because it makes it easy to implement your skills in a lot of different situations.”

Bazzo didn’t hesitate to use her new skills in unlikely situations. A founding member of Drexel’s chapter of Delta Gamma sorority, Bazzo used the principles of efficiency that supply chain taught her when organizing the chapter’s first major fundraising event: Anchor Slam, a three-on-three basketball tournament. “We got 20 different teams from different fraternities and other organizations,” says Bazzo. “A lot of planning had to go into it because we had to not only make money at the event but also to put on the event. Supply chain gave me a really good perspective on how to plan the event and raise the money.”

Despite being dedicated to using her supply chain skills in all areas of her life, the Drexel cheerleader was excited when her co-op opportunity allowed her to put her knowledge to the test. Working at DuPont in Wilmington, Del. in the sourcing and logistics department, Bazzo says that working with the company showed her what supply chain really is about. “I’m applying exactly what I learned. I learned words last term that I see in the workplace now. It’s amazing to see that matchup, especially the process improvement strategies and the Excel skills.”

Bazzo hopes that her time with the company will pay off after graduation and hopes to work with them in the future. “What I’ve seen at DuPont I’ve loved,” says Bazzo. “They’re such experts at what they do. They’re the top of the tier in supply chain and I’m lucky to get the experience I have there now. Hopefully, I can stay on with them.”

Bazzo’s expected graduation date is spring of 2019.