Undergraduate Advising

Policy on Accepting Transfer Credits

The Dean, faculty, and administration of Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business are constantly working to benefit our students by improving the academic quality of our degrees and enhancing the career advantage gained by our alumni.

After careful review, we have come to the conclusion that allowing LeBow students to transfer credits once they have matriculated into Drexel into their academic records causes more harm than good towards achieving their educational and career goals.

The reasons for this conclusion:

  • Degrees earned from LeBow College include carefully crafted curriculum taught by our esteemed faculty, and students do not gain the full benefit of our degree by attempting these courses in another institution.
  • Students need to complete courses which are pre-requisites for other required courses at Drexel to insure that they are adequately prepared and do not disrupt their learning process.
  • While all of our students work hard to pursue academic honors, those students who transfer credits to Drexel gain an unfair advantage to earn honors over those students who diligently complete all of their course work here.
  • As the LeBow College of Business continuously expands and advances its reputation of excellence among the regional, national, and international business communities, the inclusion of transfer credits within the academic records of its students diminishes the quality of our degrees and adversely impacts the positive perception of our alumni.
  • LeBow College of Business seeks to keep our graduates competitive with those of other highly-ranked business colleges, accredited by the AACSB, that do not accept transfer credits.
  • Students who are approaching their graduating term at Drexel often find the completion of their degree impeded by waiting for credits to transfer.
  • Drexel’s quarter terms, necessary for our Co-Op program, is a unique scheduling system which is not easily integrated with semester scheduling systems in other schools.
  • Entering transfer credits into our students’ records may cause an adverse and unexpected change in their billing status.
  • Students may earn credit for a required course by completing that class at Drexel with a grade of C-, but receiving such a grade in a similar class at another institution will not be accepted for transfer.
  • Students may still enter LeBow College by transferring credits from another school, but after beginning classes at Drexel these students may no longer transfer further credits to their records.
  • If a student believes that they have a compelling reason to request permission to transfer a course, they may appeal their reasons to the LeBow Undergraduate Advising Center for consideration. The Dean of LeBow College reserves the final decision on granting an exception to this policy.