Undergraduate Advising

Readmission and Reinstatement Policy

LeBow College of Business (LeBow) policies supplement and, in some cases, may be more restrictive than Drexel University policy. LeBow encourages all students to familiarize themselves with both College and University policies.

Readmission for Fall 2018 and future terms

Beginning Fall 2018, all students who wish to apply for readmission are required to apply via the Office of Admissions. The Admissions Committee is responsible for reviewing all applications for readmission to Drexel, following program guidelines.

Prior to applying for readmission students must:

  • Review holds
  • Review SAP status
  • Apply for financial aid

For more information on the readmission process, visit Drexel Central.

For students who seek Reinstatement (who have been dismissed for academic reasons):

Undergraduate students who have been dismissed from the University for poor scholarship have the right to appeal the decision. Students may appeal by meeting the following requirements:

The student is required to contact the LeBow undergraduate advising office to schedule an appointment with the Academic Standing Committee. Students are strongly encouraged to bring with them a written account that explains why they are seeking reinstatement, including:

  • The purpose of this meeting is to determine if the student can successfully complete the remaining curriculum and thus a comprehensive review of the following will contribute to the decision to approve or deny reinstatement:
  • The written account;
  • Past academic performance;
  • Activity while away from the University;
  • Student’s future academic and professional goals.

If an appeal is successful, the student will be required to develop a plan of study to ensure academic progress with his or her advisor. Additionally, the student must sign an Authorization for Reinstatement from Academic Dismissal form and may be required to sign an academic agreement before his or her reinstatement may be processed.

Any subsequent academic dismissal action for which the student has not met the agreed upon academic progress goals will result in final dismissal from the College.

Students who have been dismissed and have not been invited to appeal the decision may appeal in writing by sending a letter to:

Mr. Brian Ellis
LeBow College of Business
Drexel University
3141 Chestnut Street, Peck PSR Center 332
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Appeals will be considered at the earliest possible opportunity. However, students will not be considered for reinstatement for the term in which they were dismissed from LeBow and will miss at least one term of study. The determinations to approve or deny reinstatement to the College are final.