Undergraduate Career Services Office

Job Search Guidelines


  • Identify the job titles, companies, industries, and locations that are relevant for your job search
  • Determine the hiring practices for your target companies (do they come to campus to recruit or only consider referred candidates?)
  • Create a job search journal to organize your application dates, positions, and companies you applied to for future follow up

Update Application Materials

  • Get your resume and cover letter reviewed
  • Verify that your resume reflects relevant skills
  • Secure references and make sure to document contact information on a reference sheet
  • Send each reference a copy of your updated resume

Identify Resources

  • Determine the job boards, databases and other resources that are available
  • Identify directories for companies within your target industry
  • Use resources to create a list of top companies for your search

Verify Candidate Image

  • Make sure you have a professional voicemail for the phone numbers listed on your resume
  • Perform a Google search using your name to verify all of the information available to employers and recruiters
  • Review privacy settings on social media sites
  • Edit content and pictures
  • Use LinkedIn to post your professional experiences, education and highlight your work ethic through posted recommendations (try to include at least two recommendations)

Start Networking

  • Create a LinkedIn profile to maintain existing contacts and to outreach to new professionals
  • Research professional associations within your target industry
  • Explore membership and join LinkedIn groups
  • Seek out events on and off campus to increase your network

Apply, Apply, Apply!

  • Send targeted resumes and cover letters
  • Reference skills and qualifications from the job description in your cover letter
  • Check your email every day
  • Many employers contact you through email
  • Complete the application neatly, correctly and honestly. Read the directions before writing. Things crossed out or incorrectly filled in may suggest you do not pay attention to detail or have problems following directions.
  • Don’t write “see resume”. Employers may look at this as your first assignment; an example of how you would perform on the job.
  • Salary: consider writing “negotiable.”

Follow Up

  • Follow up with employers within one week of applying
  • Ensure application materials were received
  • Use your 30-second commercial as an introduction