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Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships allow undergraduate students to engage in high-level research with department faculty for 150 hours per quarter, putting them on the path to becoming research assistants. Research fellowships are paid positions and the commitment spans a student’s academic career at Drexel University.

In year 1, students take Research Methods I and II, are paired with a faculty mentor, and completed the STAR Scholars program. In years 2 and 3 students will have individual term goals such as manual script development or learning necessary software, attending trainings/workshops, etc.

By year 4 students are expected to have a mastery of manuscript writing. Interested students can also pursue a research co-op. In year 5, students are expected to provide 150 hours of research assistance per quarter. They also submit a research paper and present their findings at a national conference.

Pathway of Undergraduate Research Fellows to Research Assistants

  • Pre-enrollment/Recruitment (May)

Year 1

  • Fellows Meet and Greet Lunch (September)
  • Research Discussion and Faculty Panel (January)
  • STAR Scholar Pairing with Faculty Mentor (April)
  • Introduction to Research Course (April to June)
  • 10-week STAR Scholars Program (June to September)
  • Interview for Research Assistant Placement (August)

Years 2-4

  • Research Poster Exhibition (September)
  • Information Session with Prospective STAR Scholars (December)
  • Research Assistant Commitment - 150 hours of faculty assistance per quarter (Fall/winter)
  • Research Submission (Fall/winter of year 4)
  • Research Co-op Option (Spring/summer of year 4)
  • Present Research Findings at National Conference (Year 5)

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