Undergraduate Programs

Research Fellowship Application

The LeBow Undergraduate Research Fellowship is an opportunity for exceptional students who desire rigorous business research immersion to complement their Drexel experiences. The Fellowship is an award of $25,000 distributed over the course of 12 academic quarters toward tuition costs. Additionally, LeBow Research Fellows enjoy the following benefits:

  • Individualized counseling with a specially designated academic advisor.
  • Selection as a Students Tackling Advanced Research (STAR) Scholar, which provides a stipend and living accommodations for students while they pursue faculty-led research during the summer immediately following their first year.
  • Curricular enhancements, including 150 hours quarterly with LeBow faculty to prepare to engage in high-level research.
  • An option to participate in a corporate research setting during co-op.


Applicants must be incoming first-year students of the LeBow College of Business. To be considered for this opportunity, you must submit a brief essay.

Application Essay

Fellowship applicants must submit an essay of 750 words or less and submit a response to both of the prompts listed below. Additionally, applicants must follow the instructions outlined following the essay prompts listed below.

  1. Please describe one of your most important research experiences you had in school. What did you learn from that experience in terms of conducting effective and scientific research? If you were to do this research again how would you improve this research (please provide website for the research report if available)?

  2. As you are about to embark on your college education, please describe a research question that you would like to research while in college. Why did you choose this question? After conducting research on this question, what do you foresee will be the impact of your findings?


  • Essay length should be 1.5-2 pages (see the word count above) typed in standard font, double-spaced, with standard page size and margins.
  • In addition to the essay, create a cover sheet with your name and Drexel student ID in the upper left-hand corner. See the example below for reference.


Name: John Tyler

ID: 12345678

  • DO NOT write your name, Drexel student ID or any other identifying information on any sheet other than the cover sheet.
  • Email the cover sheet and essay as an attachment to lebowadv@drexel.edu with the subject line: Undergraduate Research Fellowship – LeBow.
  • Notification of the decision of the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Awards Committee will be made to both recipients and non-recipients by August.
  • The decisions of the Awards Committee are final.

Essay submissions must be received by midnight on Sunday, July 11, 2021.