BS in Business and Engineering

Message From the Director

This is a unique degree that truly offers the Best of Both Worlds: a rigorous business education at the LeBow College of Business and engineering expertise from Drexel’s own College of Engineering. B&E is an integral part of the identity of Drexel – it started in 1924 as Commercial Engineering at the Drexel Institute of Technology, evolved into the storied Commerce and Engineering program, and is now Business and Engineering. Whether you’re a C&E alum, a current B&E student, or an aspiring Drexel Dragon, I invite you to learn more about our program, its rich history, and bright future.

In my role as director, I take pride in the accomplishments of our students and am prouder still of the continued success of our distinguished alumni. As we mold future innovators and business leaders, the tradition of C&E and its reputation within and well beyond our City’s borders continue to guide the work of our faculty. For over 90 years, our program has prepared outstanding graduates who:

  • Bring to market truly exciting innovation using sound and sustainable business practices
  • Apply their engineering-based skills to design new tools and methods to solve business problems.

Our alumni are leaders here in Philadelphia, throughout the nation, and around the world, and our students are in high demand in industry. According to our exit surveys, Business and Engineering seniors have the highest job placement rate and highest average co-op and starting salaries among all other LeBow programs. Our innovative curriculum continues the mission of the C&E, combining the state-of-the-art in business, technology and innovation. Student life at B&E is vibrant and engaging, with the B&E Learning Community for freshmen and Drexel’s chapter of the National Organization for Business and Engineering.

I look forward to working with our alumni, students and faculty to continue to grow the legacy of this unique program that truly brings together the best of both worlds.

Matthew Reindorp, PhD