Morgan Merge

Morgan Merge

Degree: BS in Economics

Class Year: 2011

Position and Employer: Community Economic Development Advisor,

Morgan Merge gained valuable analytical, research and critical thinking skills as an economics major. These skills were useful not only in her coursework, but also in understanding how economic concepts affect international markets.

She completed a co-op as a Brand Protector at JPMorgan Chase and Co. Most of the tasks she performed involved legal work, and she was able to utilize the analytical and critical thinking skills that she developed as an economics major in the Drexel School of Economics. For her, one of the benefits of being an economics major is that she had a wide variety of career paths to choose from, and the courses prepared her for jobs in many different industries besides just economics, such as finance, law and international business.

Her favorite classes were International Money and Finance and International Trade. In those classes, she was able to apply the theories that she learned to understand how economic concepts affect the global economy.

After Drexel, Merge began work at Vanguard as an acceleration into financial professional and a project lead. In 2015, she joined the Peace Corps in Benin in West Africa.

My degrees along with my professional experiences have made me a strong candidate for the master’s programs I’m applying to in public policy and international development,” she said. “I am certain they will continue to benefit me throughout my entire career.”