Karim Laib

Karim Laib

Degree: BS in Economics; BS in Business Administration (Finance; International Business)

Class Year: 2012

Position and Employer: Global Equity Research Analyst,

Karim Laib landed a great job with BlackRock, even before he finished his final term at Drexel LeBow in 2012. He began work as an equity research analyst for the company’s Global Opportunities Team, which manages over $15 billion in equity assets.

Laib earned a BS in Business Administration degree with majors in finance, international business and economics. He completed his first co-op with Susquehanna International Group and was hired by BlackRock for his second co-op. Laib says he was fortunate enough to be included in a lot of projects outside of the daily operational tasks assigned to him, “so the group got to see a more analytical and inquisitive side of me.”

He must have impressed them, because they asked him not only to come back for his third co-op, but to continue working there on a part-time basis between the two.

In his position, Laib performs fundamental research on stocks and different industries, mainly assisting senior analysts with their research.

“This relates pretty well to what I did as a co-op, with the exception that I will do more fundamental research and work more with senior analysts with their industry research,” he said. As a co-op, I had the opportunity to do some similar work, but I also had many operational tasks that needed to be completed. As a full-time analyst, I get to do more of what I enjoy, which is the research side.”

Laib, who was a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Board, says many of his friends from other colleges had a very tough time getting jobs because they lacked experience. 

“Although many people are applying for entry-level jobs, with unemployment so high today, recent graduates are competing with more experienced professionals for the same jobs. I absolutely, 100 percent believe that my co-ops gave me an edge in the job market. I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to interview at the places I did without my two-plus years of experience through co-op and the part-time work that my co-op led me to.”

Laib offered advice for undergraduate students with co-ops ahead of them. He said that what makes you stand out is not doing a great job on the tasks assigned, because most people can master their daily tasks very quickly.

“What makes someone stand out is going above and beyond your normal routine. Do not hesitate to ask your supervisors for higher-level projects, and also make sure to ask your coworkers questions. This will help you stand out and show your employer that you are truly interested in the job and that you are more than just a ‘machine’ used to crank out reports. Don’t waste your time at co-op, be engaged!”