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Jun, 12 2014

Recent studies have shown that diversifying the skills on your board will not necessarily produce better performance in the long run. “Director Skill Sets,” a paper presented at this year’s Academic Conference, examines how director skills cluster on and across various boards.

Jul, 23 2013

One of the most challenging events for a board is the departure of a company’s CEO. A study by Booz & Company found that 14.2 percent of CEOs at the world’s 2,500 largest public companies were replaced in 2011. This rate of turnover implies that a typical CEO is on the job for about seven years.

Jul, 16 2013

Not long after being sworn in as the new Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Jo White presided over her first open SEC meeting on April 10, 2013. At that meeting, the SEC adopted rules requiring certain businesses regulated by the SEC to adopt and implement programs to detect and respond to indicators of possible identity theft.

May, 28 2013

If ever a phrase had definition creep, “Economic Sustainability” has. At one point it had an environmental and philanthropic perspective. Later “energy usage reduction” and “recycling” were added. Today the term includes all of these, plus “supply chain ethics” and “risk mitigation”; “fair labor relations” and “diversity/talent acquisition.”   

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