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The Center for Corporate Governance within the Raj & Kamla Gupta Governance Institute explores boardrooms topics that expand the boundaries of current practitioner and academic knowledge, grounded in the latest research. Through its knowledge sharing initiatives, CCG fosters high-impact collaborations between corporate leadership, key governance experts, and faculty members by providing objective, empirical evidence to previously unexplored questions facing board members and management teams in the public and private company sectors.

Debt and Financial Flexibility of For-Profits and Nonprofits

The benefits of financial flexibility can arise from multiple sources. Here we turn to the linkages between debt and financial flexibility, particularly in light of the ongoing pandemic.

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SPACs – Who Really Wins and Loses?

Recently, WeWork announced that it was going public via a SPAC. WeWork was forced to withdraw its 2019 IPO largely due to concerns regarding the company’s poor governance and high valuation. What has changed?

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Journey to the Boardroom

Interim Director Alyssa Abbott shares insights on navigating the journey to the boardroom.

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The Challenges in Raising Equity Amidst an Economic Downturn: Do Nonprofits Face Unique Challenges, Relative to For-Profits?

The economic contraction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a cash shortfall for many companies and institutions. Teresa Harrison, PhD and Michelle Lowry, PhD, discuss how firms can navigate this challenge effectively.

Economic Equality

The Ability of the Most Financially Constrained Firms to Raise Capital During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this second of our multi-part series on capital raising during the pandemic, we examine differences in capital raised across publicly traded companies.

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Executive Compensation Considerations at 2020 Year End

Alyssa Abbott joins Diane Thompson, of counsel at Cozen O’Connor, for a discussion about COVID-19’s impact on executive compensation and the potential legal ramifications as a result of modifying exec comp programs.

 Boardspeak: Executive Compensation Considerations at 2020 Year End

Company Culture: The Value of a Strong Culture and the Risks of a Bad Culture

Companies across the country, and arguably around the world, are increasingly recognizing the value of organizational culture. Michelle Lowry, PhD, discusses the effects of a strong and weak culture.

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ISS New Proposed Voting Guidelines: Increased Focus on Board Diversity and Environmental Oversight

ISS, the largest proxy advisory service company, has just released their annual proposed voting guidelines. Michelle Lowry, PhD, provides more insight into the new ISS guidelines.

Boards Diversity Environment

California to Require Minority Representation on Boards of Directors

California has just passed legislation requiring that publicly traded companies headquartered in the state have at least one ‘diverse’ director by 2021. Michelle Lowry, PhD, shares her thoughts on this ruling and the future of governance.

Boards of Directors

How Directors and CEOs Navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic

Explore insights from the recent Gupta Governance Institute discussion exploring strategy, talent and the future of work in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CEOs Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Early Arrival of the Future of Work: COVID-19's Impact and the Role for Boards

Associate Director Alyssa Abbott speaks with Paula Loop, Governance Insight Center Leader at PwC, about the future of work as well as the board’s oversight of how changes in work will affect a company’s recovery.

Paula Loop

Getting Up to Speed on Emerging Risk: What Directors Need to Know

Associate Director Alyssa Abbott speaks with Tonie Leatherberry, president of the Deloitte Foundation, about how companies are seeking to understand the emerging risks facing businesses and stakeholders.

Tonie Interview

Mutual funds’ increasing investments in private companies: Who benefits?

Academic Director, Michelle Lowry discusses the number of mutual funds participating in private markets and their impact.

Mutual funds

Accelerating Focus on Culture and Talent in the Boardroom: Part 2

Executive Director Patricia Connolly spoke with Lisa Blais and Greig Schneider of Egon Zehnder on how the pandemic is reshaping the way boards and companies approach talent overall.

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Accelerating Focus on Culture and Talent in the Boardroom: Part 1

Executive Director Patricia Connolly speaks with Lisa Blais and Greig Schneider of Egon Zehnder regarding culture and talent and how they are impacting the boardroom.

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The Role of Corporate Governance Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Panel Discussion

COVID-19 raises difficult questions for corporations. Panelists discuss topics ranging from the implications of the CARES Act to the role of governance.

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Navigating Uncertainty and the Future

Executive Director Patricia Connolly and Rob Main, managing partner at Sustainable Governance Partners, discuss what directors and CEOs need to be thinking about when navigating today’s unprecedented times and addressing the business imperatives looming on the horizon.

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The New Era of Governance

Gupta Governance Institute Executive Director Patricia Q. Connolly discusses the evolving business environment boards are facing and how directors must adapt to the growing need for change.

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What Directors are Thinking

Raj L. Gupta, chairman of Aptiv PLC, and Assistant Director Alyssa Abbott discuss what boards and the C-suites of public companies can learn from private equity companies.

What Directors are Thinking

The Board Bio: Getting into the Game

Paula Asinof and Mina Brown discuss how overlooking the important step of developing a board bio could lead to missed board opportunities.

Executive runs to start working on his board bio

Shareholder Engagement: An Evolving Landscape

Gupta Governance Institute Executive Director Patricia Q. Connolly sat down with Dan Pliskin, associate partner at Aon Hewitt, to discuss the contentious topic of shareholder engagement.

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The Powerful Role Boards Play on ESG Issues

Executive Director of the Gupta Governance Institute, Patricia Connolly, spoke with Tanuja Dehne about her work with The B Team, how ESG is driving technology, and how boards and governance can prioritize sustainability efforts.

Boards EPS

The Future of Cybersecurity, a Conversation With Jack Thomas Tomarchio of Agoge Group, LLC

Experts from LeBow and Agoge Group discuss the changing role of boards in protecting their organizations against cyber attacks.

Cyber Security

What Is the Future of Blockchain, and How Should Companies Use it?

Blockchain technology could conceivably change the way transactions are processed. Experts from LeBow and SEI consider its future applications.


A Seat at the Table: The Time Is Now

Despite a recent report citing lackluster statistics by the Forum of Executive Women and PwC, Patricia Connolly sees positive possibilities for the future of women in the boardroom.

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Want to Join a Corporate Board? Read This First

Before joining a corporate board, perform this personal inventory to be sure that you’re willing and able to accept such a big professional commitment.

Nonprofit Board Idea

Serving on Boards

From networking with peers to confronting complex economic questions and ethical issues, men and women who sit on corporate governance boards say that it is a rewarding experience.

Board Service Update