Past Seminars

Throughout the year, the Accounting Department welcomes scholars from around the country to present relevant accounting research and topics to our faculty and students.

Dr. Cohen’s research interests include Corporate Investment, Corporate Disclosure, Corporate Governance, Accounting Information and Managerial Decision Making

Dr. Xin’s research interests are in Hua Zhong Securities, Corporate Finance, and Financial Analysts.

Dr. Zur’s research interests are in hedge fund activism.

PhD Candidate Hanyong Chung research interests are in Financial accounting

Dr. Heflin’s research interests include Financial Accounting, Reporting and Disclosure.

PhD Candidate Sheng Liu research interests are in auditing.

Dr. Balsam’s research interests are executive compensation, earnings management, and capital markets

Dr. Kim’s research interests include voluntary disclosure, earnings management, security valuation, financial analysts’ forecasts, and audit.

Dr. Roychowdhury’s research focuses on the influence of manager incentives on their reporting and disclosure choices, capital markets and contractual efficiency

Dr. Rountree’s research focuses on the influence of external forces on the financial reporting choices and characteristics of firms.

Dr. Myers’ research interests are varied and include audit markets, corporate disclosure, and financial reporting quality.

Dr. Harris’s area of research is centered on nonprofit accounting. She is also a certified public accountant in the states of Florida and Pennsylvania.

Dr. Jenkins research focuses on both financial accounting and auditing. She investigates how the market respond to financial reporting failures restatements.

Dr. Louis research focuses primarily on earnings management, managerial financial reporting incentives, merger and acquisitions, market anomalies and etc.

Ling Lisic of George Mason University

Information about Professor Lisic’s research can be found at: