School of Economics

Past Seminars

Robert Porter has conducted research on theoretical and empirical studies of collusion, price wars, and bidders’ behavior in auctions.

Dr. Wu research interest include International Macroeconomics and Finance, Monetary Economics

Dr. Yuan Mei research interest include: International Trade, Development Economics, Political Economy

Join us for this seminar featuring Wolthoff’s research on macroeconomics and labor economics.

Chakraborty research interests: Macroeconomics of health and disease in developing countries, financial development, public capital, demographic transition, income distribution and preference formations.

Join us for this seminar featuring Marinescu’s research on the evaluation of the labor market impact of public policies, for example, unemployment insurance and the minimum wage.

Dr. Li is a Senior Economic Advisor and Economist at the Philadelphia Federal Reserve.
Primary Research Interests: consumer credit, financial intermediations, macroeconomics.

Dr. Agnosteva and Dr. Zylkin will discuss their areas of research expertise including: international trade, industrial organization, and quantitative methods.

Dr. Ruhl’s research focuses on international economics, models of firm heterogeneity, and national income accounting

Dr. Piermont’s research is in decision theory and its applications.

Dr. Li will present “Real Estate Taxes and Home Values: Winners and Losers of the TCJA”

Dr. Kwon will present “Trade, Financial Friction and Misallocation in China”

Michele’s research interests are in international economics, and particularly on issues concerning international/regional integration.

Dr. Atalay’s will present his paper “Emerging and Disappearing Work, Thriving and Declining Firms”

Dr. Timoshenko research includes international Trade and Macroeconomics