School of Economics

Past Seminars

Dr. Dillenberger research focuses on microeconomic theory, and, in particular, on decision theory.

Dr. Wiczer research interest include macroeconomics and labor economics.

Dr. Herkenhoff’s research interests include macroeconomics, applied macroeconomics, and real estate economics.

Dr. McEntarfer is the head of research and current acting program director for the Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics program at the U.S. Census Bureau.

Dr. Lu’s research is in International Trade, Macroeconomics and Growth

Dr. Silos research interests are Macroeconomics and Labor Economics

Dr. Bilir’s research includes International Economics, Applied Microeconomics, and Economics of Innovation

Dr. Chalioti’s research interests include Industrial Organization, Contract Theory, Microeconomic Theory, and Economics of Innovation.

Dr. Winkler is an Economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve since 2015.

Dr. Fort will present Heterogeneous Globalization:Offshoring and Reorganization

Dr. Nagore Iriberri will present “Gender Differences in Alternating-Offer Bargaining: An Experimental Study”

Dr. Semykina will present “Competition Effects of Charter Schools: New Evidence from North Carolina”

Dr. Fujita will present Elasticity of Labor Supply and the Cyclicality of Labor Force Participation Flows

Dr. McGough will present his paper “Shadow Price Learning”

Dr. Kiyotaki economist and professor at Princeton University especially known for proposing several models that provide deeper microeconomic foundations for macroeconomics.