School of Economics

Past Seminars

Dr. Li will present “Real Estate Taxes and Home Values: Winners and Losers of the TCJA”

Dr. Kwon will present “Trade, Financial Friction and Misallocation in China”

Michele’s research interests are in international economics, and particularly on issues concerning international/regional integration.

Dr. Atalay’s will present his paper “Emerging and Disappearing Work, Thriving and Declining Firms”

Dr. Timoshenko research includes international Trade and Macroeconomics

Dr. Hobijn’s research is focused on inflation, unemployment, and economic growth.

Dr. Lubik’s research interests include monetary policy, indeterminacy, search and matching in labor markets, open economy macroeconomics, and Bayesian estimation.

Dr. Stahler research interests include international trade, multinational enterprises, foreign direct investment, tax competition and applied microeconomics.

Dr. Pugsley areas of research include Macroeconomics, Industrial Organization, Labor Economics

Dr. Jiao will present his paper

Geographic Fragmentation in a Knowledge Economy: Theory and Evidence from the US

Dr. Vroman’s current research focuses on equilibrium search theory with applications to the labor and housing markets. She has also published papers on the labor market behavior of women and on the economics of trade unions.

Dr. Ljungqvist is a specialist in the field of applied macroeconomic theory, with a focus on European unemployment and labor market institutions.

Dr. Iijma will present: Dispersed Behavior and Perceptions in Assortative Societies

Dr. Sanjurjo will present his paper

The Role of Memory in Search and Choice

Dr. Eisenbach research includes Financial Economics, Behavioral Economics, Microeconomic Theory