Past Seminars

The Management Department at Drexel LeBow presents scholarly research and invites scholars from around the country to present their research findings to the College.

Ned Smith, PhD, will present his research for the Management Seminar Series.

Crystal Harold will present her research for the Management Seminar Series.

Russ Coff, PhD will present his research as part of the Management Seminar Series

Dr. Furman will present his paper, Disclosure and Subsequent Innovation: Evidence from the Patent Depository Library Program

Andrew Knight, PhD will present his paper, On the Emergence of Collective Psychological Ownership in New Creative Teams

Dr. Vogus will present his research at the Management Department Seminar

Sarah Kaplan, PhD will present her research for the Management Seminar Series

Dali Ma will present a paper entitled “Crossing Double-edged Swords: Categorical Distance, Status Distance, and Tie Formation”

Dr. Yair Berson will present his paper, How do organizations come to reflect their leaders? A multidisciplinary approach

Dr. Daniel Tzabbar, Management Department, will present a paper.

Dr. Lauren Block’s work is primarily in areas of food well-being, health-persuasion, and perceptions of product efficacy.

Dr. Tarakci will present his paper, Embeddedness paradox revisited: Motives in partner selection and opportunity costs.

We describe the changes that managers will have to make to cope with this emerging Feeling Economy.

Rajiv Nag will introduce major qualitative methods.

Aparna Joshi ‘s work focuses on multilevel issues in workplace diversity.