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Thomas J. Hindelang

BPTS at Drexel University is named after our dearly missed colleague, Thomas J. Hindelang, who passed away in 2011. Dr. Hindelang had a long and accomplished career at the LeBow College of Business where he worked for 38 years.

Dr. Hindelang served as LeBow’s vice dean (2004-2012), the Executive Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence (2003-2012) which recognized outstanding LeBow professors, and as the George B. Francis Distinguished Professor of Finance (1992-2012). Throughout his time at Drexel, Dr. Hindelang was well known across campus for his deep commitment to student success. Remembering Dr. Hindelang, Drexel University president John Fry wrote, “He was central in developing the approach to business education that has helped the college’s programs achieve national recognition.”

Dr. Hindelang planned and organized the first BPTS, at the time called the Business Professor Teaching Summit, in May 2011. We are honored to have known him and look forward to promoting his vision and spirit at this year’s conference and in the future.

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