Behind the Music: LeBow and Westphal Collaborate for C-Suite Co-op™ Commercial

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  • LeBow and Westphal collaborate to produce television commercial for LeBow's MBA C-Suite Co-op™.

  • The commercial features "Doin' It, Right," by Philadelphia-based rockers Cheers Elephant.

  • The commercial is currently airing on Comcast SportsNet, with plans to penetrate other markets in the near future.

The song : “Doin’ It, Right.”
The band : Cheers Elephant.
Members : Derek Krzywicki, Travelin’ Mat, Jordan del Rosario and Robert Kingsly.

The highly anticipated television commercial promoting LeBow’s one-of-a-kind MBA C-Suite Co-op™ features “Doin’ It, Right,” a hit-worthy track from Cheers Elephant, a Philadelphia-based rock quartet with deep Drexel ties.

The commercial premiered locally on Comcast SportsNet on March 7 and aired on Comcast and NBC affiliates across the nation during the CAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on March 9 and 10. The 30-second spot will remain in heavy rotation on Comcast SportsNet in the Philadelphia region, with the goal of penetrating other markets in the near future.

“Doin’ It, Right” appears on the Cheers Elephant’s third release, Like Wind Blows Fire , which was recorded on Drexel’s campus in MAD Dragon Studios, and was produced by Westphal Music Industry program alums Lenny Skolnick and Justin Chapman. The entire album was mixed and mastered by Ryan Schwabe, a Music Industry program graduate and current Westphal studio manager. Andrew Leib, another Westphal alum, manages the band.

Keeping the production in the Drexel family, MAD MAD Music Publishing (MMMP), Drexel’s student-run and faculty-directed publishing enterprise, brokered the deal between the band and LeBow. MMMP actively seeks advertising placements and other income-generating opportunities for its artists via non-exclusive publishing administration deals and licensing agreements.

The track was masterfully edited to fit with visual content by Michael Gregory, an instructional media manager for LeBow. In addition, Yael Branscom, assistant director of marketing, and Susan Rinaldi, associate director of design, supplied creative and visual direction.

Watch the official Drexel LeBow C-Suite Co-op™ commercial‬.

“This situation is a perfect representation of the synchronicity and synergy of our facilities, our program, student initiative, the community and collaboration between colleges,” says Michelle Manghise, a professor in Westphal’s music industry program who runs MMMP.

As the commercial continues to air on television, Cheers Elephant has embarked on a national tour, including a coveted appearance at this year’s SXSW festival — which was bankrolled in part by fees generated for the band by the LeBow deal, as well as other advertising placements, including agreements with Ecco Shoes and Zara women’s clothing. Each deal was secured by MMMP’s student music marketers.

“This company represents a new business model for our industry,” Manghise says. “Since our deals are non-exclusive, we never intend to own any copyrights, and work out very low administrative fees with our clients. We make provisions for an easy exit if and when they get a significantly better offer — which is one of our goals in working with the artists and helping develop their careers.”

The pairing of MMMP music with LeBow’s new C-Suite Co-op™ has been a true match made on Market Street — hopefully one of many between LeBow and Westphal.

“’Doin’ It, Right’ captures the rising energy and momentum of our full-time MBA program,” says Mark Eyerly, LeBow’s executive director of communications. “Through our collaboration with faculty and students in Westphal’s Music Industry program, we found the perfect song. It’s going to be a hit. And so will our C-Suite Co-op™.”

About the C-Suite Co-op™

The C-Suite Co-op™ is a unique opportunity for MBA students to work at the highest levels in leading American firms — including Cisco, SAP, eBay and Urban Outfitters — while earning their degrees.  Applications must be received by Sept. 1.

Read more about the MBA C-Suite Co-op™.

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