Johnson & Johnson: LeBow’s Corporate Partner of the Month of January

Johnson and Johnson Corporate Partner Image

LeBow is pleased to announce that Johnson & Johnson is our Corporate Partner for the Month of January.

Johnson & Johnson:
When you join Johnson & Johnson, your next move could mean our next innovation.

In the next ten years, healthcare is predicted to radically transform more than any other industry, with old models being disrupted in favor of new methods to make the world a healthier place for everyone. Johnson & Johnson has long excelled in times of transformation. Its history of firsts—from Band-Aids to feminine care to treatments for HIV, cancer, Ebola, and, most recently, Alzheimer’s — demonstrates how J&J combines passion, science and technology to create game-changing innovations.

Those epic innovations were discovered, developed and distributed by people just like you. And when you apply your talent to our shared purpose, there’s no end to the lasting impact we can make, together. And that changes everything.

Learn more about Johnson & Johnson at the following events:

Jan. 15 - Lobby Takeover

Jan. 15 - Who’s Hiring You?

Jan. 31 - Johnson & Johnson: Our Story at the Powerhouse