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LeBow Students Win Top Honors in Marketing Competition

As part of Project Acceleration: The Subaru Impreza Collegiate Challenge, 19 students from the LeBow College of Business formed Six Star Associates and created a successful marketing campaign with only a $3,000 budget. Six Star Associates created the "falling in love with a Subaru" concept and implemented it through different mediums (i.e. Internet, public relations, events, print ads, and videos). The campaign was created to increase Gen Y awareness of the new Subaru Impreza. After 10 weeks of hard work and dedication, Six Star Associates placed in the top two in this national competition that involved nine schools and were invited to visit Subaru's Headquarters. On December 17-18, six members of Six Star Associates headed to Cherry Hill, NJ to visit Subaru of America to network and compete for the first place title against a fierce competitor- the University of New Mexico.

During the two-day stay in Cherry Hill, the students presented their "Falling in Love with a Subaru" concept at Subaru of America's headquarters to the company's marketing representatives, which included Subaru's Chief Marketing Officer. After the final presentation, Drexel University placed second overall and was awarded $1,500- an award with which the members of Six Star Associates decided to create a scholarship for a LeBow College of Business student that will be given at an upcoming Honors Day.

To view the commercials the students created for the competition, click here and here.

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