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The Winding Road to Leadership

Like a true marketing professional, Allan Winneker ‘63 presented “a story” on his leadership experiences in the marketing world to more than 100 Drexel business students and alumni as part of the Lunch, Learn and Lead series presented by Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business on Oct. 7.

Winneker’s experiences came from a broad range of industries, positions and companies.

I started my career out of Drexel selling paper,” said Winneker, in which he worked for Scott Paper Company as a sales manager.  He then became a “candy man” with Nestle as a project manager. Rising through the ranks, Winneker went on to hold executive leadership positions at agencies Carlson Marketing Group and Wunderman Worldwide.

Having a vision and staying focused on your goals are the keys to achieving them, since nothing will ever happen exactly how you plan them in your head,” Winneker said. He told the audience that they have to be very open with what the world throws their way since they never know where they will find an opportunity for success. 

Leading people rather than managing them said Winneker was the key to effective leadership.

He then followed by giving the audience his “Leadership Made Simple - The Top Ten” which consisted on his 10 insights on being a successful leader. Winneker believed none were more important than the others except “Have Integrity” since without it you will always have problems in your life.

  1. Have a Vision
  2. Find and Keep Good People
  3. Let Them Fail
  4. Stay Tuned
  5. Listen, Listen, Listen
  6. Learn From Every Move
  7. Be Accessible
  8. Have Integrity
  9. Be Prepared To Change Direction
  10. If It “Ain’t Broke, Break It!”

 Allan Winneker ‘63 is a native of Philadelphia and a LeBow College of Business graduate. He believes it is important as an alumnus to give back to the Drexel community and encourages capable alumni to become involved. Winneker retired in 2006 to pursue his other dreams and ambitions. Since then he has published two novels, Atlantic City: A Novel and The Expatriate.

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