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New Student FAQs

1. How do I change my co-op program from a 4-year, one co-op to a 5-year, three co-op or vice versa?
You can easily make that change before you arrive on campus by calling the Admissions Office at 215.895.2400 or by emailing Thea Olsen at

2. I have AP credits, IB credits and/or college credits. How do these get applied?
Advanced Placement credits (AP) should have been submitted to Admissions after the AP test was taken if you selected Drexel University as one of your schools. International Baccalaureate (IB) credits and college credits taken during high school will be taken from transcripts. Official transcripts should be sent to Admissions and unofficial transcripts can also be sent to your advisor for review.

3. When will I get my class schedule?
Your final fall term class schedule will be built for you and received no later than Sept. 10. Any schedules you see before this are tentative and subject to change. All freshmen are block scheduled into their essential courses for the fall term. Students will register themselves for all subsequent terms.

4. How can I meet with my advisor?
You will first meet your advisor during the College Day advising session during Welcome Week on Wednesday, Sept. 16. Later that day, the advising office will be open from 5-7 p.m. for walk-in hours if you want to say hello. After Welcome Week, you can make an appointment to meet with your advisor by calling 215.895.2110 or stopping in to the Undergraduate Student Services suite on the 3rd floor of Gerri C. LeBow Hall.

5. Why do I need to take the placement exams?
Placement exams are critical measures that help us to place students in the appropriate level of math, science and/or language courses to best prepare you for subsequent coursework in your degree program.
6. I scored a 5 in the AP math exam, do I still need to take the math placement exam?
Yes. All students are required to take the placement exams for their degree program. Students are not given a schedule until their required placement exams are completed.
7. Can I take additional electives fall term?
Every freshman is given a full-credit load for their given academic program. Freshmen are strongly discouraged from adding additional credits to their fall term schedule. After fall term, students register themselves and can register for additional credits. Drexel’s 10-week quarters are fast paced, and it is recommended that freshmen give themselves the opportunity to adjust to college life and the rigor of the academics before adding additional courses.
8. What do I need to do to take a language class?
You should contact your advisor and ask to be registered for a language placement test. While you will not be able to take a language class in the fall, taking the placement test will get you ready to register for a language class in the winter term.
9. I am looking for a computer. Should I buy a Mac or a PC?
According to current students, this is a personal preference and either is fine. Current students have noted that Business and Engineering majors may prefer a PC.
10. I see “Common Exam” on my schedule. What does that mean?
Common exam is time reserved on your schedule for the midterm exam for a given course. For example, Math 101 has a common exam period. For common exams, your professor will tell you the date of your midterm for a given course.
11. What is the difference between lecture and recitation?
Recitation is a smaller class that allows for a deeper dive on the topics discussed in the larger lecture. Lecture introduces the topics and concepts, and recitation applies the concepts through discussion and experiential learning. Some courses are set up in a lecture/recitation format. For example, in BUSN 101 you will meet with a large group for a lecture on Monday and in smaller classes on Tuesday/Thursday for recitation.

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