Casey Dougal

Casey Dougal

Selected Works


Dougal, Casey, Gao, Pengjie, Mayhew, William, and Parsons, Christopher, What’s in a (school) name? Racial discrimination in higher education bond markets. Journal of Financial Economics (Forthcoming)

Dougal, Casey, Engelberg, Joseph, Parsons, Christopher, and Van Wesep, Edward, Anchoring on Credit Spreads. Journal of Finance 70 (May 2015): 1039-1080.

Dougal, Casey, Parsons, Christopher, and Titman, Sheridan, Urban Vibrancy and Corporate Growth. Journal of Finance 70 (Jan 2015): 163-210.

Dougal, Casey, Engelberg, Joseph, Garcia, Diego, and Parsons, Christopher, Journalists and the Stock Market. Review of Financial Studies 25 (Jan 2012): 639-679.


PhD Finance - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC United States 2014


2015 Excellence in Research (Drexel University)

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