Chelsey Hill, PhD

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Selected Works


Fresneda, Jorge, Hui, Jeremy, and Hill, Chelsey, Market Segmentation in the Emoji Era. Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery (Forthcoming)

Johnson, Marina, Jain, Rashmi, Brennan, Margaret, Swartz, Ethne, Silver, Deborah, Paolini, Jessica, Mamonov, Stanislav, and Hill, Chelsey, Developing Big Data and AI Workforce Roadmap for A Data Driven Economy. Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management (May 2021):

Hill, Chelsey, Li, James, Schneider, Matthew, and Wells, Martin T., The Tensor Auto-Regressive Model. Journal of Forecasting (Jul 2021):

Fresneda, Jorge, Burnham, Thomas, and Hill, Chelsey, Structural Topic Modeling Segmentation: A Segmentation Method Combining Latent Content and Customer Context. Journal of Marketing Management (Feb 2021):

Hill, Chelsey, and McCullough, B D., On the Accuracy of GARCH Estimation in R Packages. Econometric Research in Finance 4 (Nov 2019): 133-156.

Anandarajan, Murugan, and Hill, Chelsey, Data Quilting: Art and Science of Analyzing Disparate Data. Journal Cogent Business & Management 6 (Jul 2019): 1-19.

Wu, Chaojiang, Yan, Erjia, and Hill, Chelsey, Disciplinary Knowledge Diffusion in Business Research. Journal of Informetrics 11 (May 2017): 655-668.

Hill, Chelsey, Determinants of Business Process Change Outcome: An Exploratory Case Study Research Model. International Journal of Business Intelligence Research 4 (Oct 2013):


Anandarajan, Murugan, Hill, Chelsey, and Nolan, Thomas, Practical Text Analytics. Switzerland: Springer, (2019):


BA Political Science - The College of New Jersey Ewing, NJ 2009
MS Business Intelligence - Saint Joseph’s University Philadelphia, PA United States 2013
PhD Decision Sciences & MIS - Drexel University Philadelphia, PA United States 2018