Hazem Maragah, PhD

Hazem Maragah

Areas of Expertise

  • Management Statistics
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Strategic Quality Control

Selected Works


Corredoira, Rafael, and Maragah, Hazem D., Al Gores Initiative of Reinventing the Government: the Real Story of Total Quality Management in the Federal Government. Quality Engineering 14 (Sep 2002):

Igbaria, M., Livari, J., and Maragah, Hazem D., Why Do Individuals Use Computer Technology? A Finnish Case Study. Journal of Information & Management 29 (Sep 1995):

Alwan, L. C., Champ, C., and Maragah, Hazem D., Study of Average Run Lengths for Supplementary Runs Rules in the Presence of Autocorrelation. Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation 23 (Sep 1994):

Bajgier, S., Maragah, Hazem D., Prybutok, V., and Verzilli, A., Where have all the Traditional Classroom settings Gone? The Use of Large Scale Public Sector Projects to Illustrate a Multidisciplinary Approach to Problem Solving. Journal of Social-Economic Planning Sciences 28 (Sep 1994):

Bajgier, S., Maragah, Hazem D., Prybutok, V., Saccucci, M., and Verzilli, A., Introducing Students To Community Operations Research Through The Use of a City Neighborhood as a Living laboratory. Journal of Operations Management 39 (Sep 1991):


Bioengineering Research Grant (NIH) $1,371,288 Nov 00-1.

Presented Research

Maragah, Hazem D., Sustained attention, in intercollegiate athletes,

Maragah, Hazem D., Sustained attention, regulatory control, and concentration performance in intercollegiate athletes, (Nov 2008):

Maragah, Hazem D., Misapplications of the C-Control Chart, operations research society of america: Phoenix, AZ, (Oct 1993):

Maragah, Hazem D., Drexel University’s Quality Science MBA Program, PACE Annual Quality Conference: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (Jun 1993):

Maragah, Hazem D., Introduction to Statistical Quality Control, Reliability and Quality Engineering Symposium: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (Jun 1992):


Igbaria, M., Livari, J., Maragah, Hazem D., Silver, M., and Weaver, D., The Effects of Self-Efficacy on Computer Usage, Decision Sciences Institute Northeast Region Nov 00-1. (Mar 1995):

Bajgier, S., Maragah, Hazem D., and Prybutok, V., Using the Microcomputers as a Pedagogical Tool in Testing Statistics, Decision Sciences Institute, National Meeting Nov 00-1. (Nov 1991):

Bajgier, S., Maragah, Hazem D., Prybutok, V., Saccucci, M., and Verzilli, A., Teaching Introductory Business Statistics Through The Use of a City Neighborhood as a Living laboratory, American Statistical Association, Statistical Education Section Nov 00-1. (Aug 1991):


BS Statistics - University of Baghdad, Iraq 1977
MS Statistics - Oklahoma State University 1981
PhD Statistics - Louisiana University at Lafayette, LA 1989


2011 Dean’s Award for Outstanding Leadership (Drexel University - LeBow College of Business)
2010 Board of Trustees Chairman’s Events honor Service and Generosity (Drexel University)
2010 A Chairman’s Brunch - For many years of service and extraordinary generosity (Drexel University)