Jacob Miller, PhD

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Selected Works


Gefen, David, Armstrong, Johnathon, Miller, Jacob, Cornelius, Frances H., Robertson, Noreen, Smith-McLallen, Aaron, and Taylor, Jennifer, Identifying Patterns in Medical Records through Latent Semantic Analysis. Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery 61 (Jun 2018): 72-77.

Gefen, David, Endicott, James, Fresneda, Jorge, Miller, Jacob, and Larsen, Kai R., A Guide to Text Analysis with Latent Semantic Analysis in R with Annotated Code Studying Online Reviews and the Stack Exchange Community. Communications of the Association for Informations Systems 41 (Year 2017):

Islam, Mazhar, Miller, Jacob, and Park, H. D., But what will it cost me? How do private costs of participation affect open source software projects?. Research Policy 46 (Jul 2017): 1062-1070.

Roy, Raja, and Miller, Jacob, Miniaturization of image sensors: The role of innovations in complementary technologies in overcoming technological trade-offs associated with product innovation. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management 44 (Spring 2017): 58-69.


PhD Organizations and Strategy - Drexel University Philadelphia, PA United States 2016