Johnny Lee, PhD

Headshot of Johnny Lee

Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting Information Systems
  • E-Business
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management

Selected Works


Lee, Jiung-Yee, Randall, Taylor, Hu, Paul, and Wu, Anne, Information Technology Investments and Firm Profitability. Journal of Management Systems 24 (Spring 2014): 39-56.

Lee, Jiung-Yee, Sipior, Janice C., Bierstaker, James, and Chung, Q., A Bring-Your-Own-Device Case for Use in the Classroom. Communications of the Association for Informations Systems 41 (Year 2017):

Lee, Jiung-Yee, Randall, Taylor, Hu, Paul, and Wu, Anne, A. Examining Complementary Effects of IT Investment on Firm Profitability. Information Systems Management 31 (Winter 2014): 340-352.

Lee, Jiung-Yee, Capella, M. L., Taylor, Charles R., Luo, Mi, and Gabler, C., The Financial Impact of Loyalty Programs in Hotel Industry: A Social Exchange Theory Perspective.. Journal of Business Research 67 (Oct 2014): 2139-2146.

Bierstaker, James, Chung, Q. B., Lee, Jiung-Yee, and Sipior, J. C., A Real-World ERP Pre-Implementation Case for the Classroom. Communications of the Association for Informations Systems 34 (Jan 2014): 105-150.

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Liao, K., Ma, Z., Lee, Jiung-Yee, and Ke, K., Achieving Mass Customization through Trust‐Driven Information Sharing: A Supplier’s Perspective.. Management Research Review 34 (Year 2011): 541-552.

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Editorial Board Service

Associate Editor – Journal of Management Systems, Association of Management (2017)
Senior Editor – Information Management Systems, Taylor & Francis (2017)


AS Electric Engineering - National Kaohsiung Institute of Technology Taiwan 1989
AS Industrial Engineering - Oriental Institute of Technology Taiwan 1997
BBA Computer Information Systems - Foty Hays State University Hays, KS USA 2000
MBA Business Administration - Fort Hays State Unversity Hays, KS USA 2001
PhD Accounting Information Systems - University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT USA 2006


2012 2012 Best Conference Paper Premier Award (2012 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul)