William Havlena, PhD

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Selected Works


Holak, Susan L., Matveev, Alexei V., and Havlena, William, Nostalgia in Post-Socialist Russia: Exploring Applications to Advertising Strategy. Journal of Business Research 61 (Feb 2008): 172-178.

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Presented Research

Havlena, William, What Works? New Trends and the Latest Learnings in CrossMedia Advertising Effectiveness, Advertising Measurement 4.0: New York, NY, (Jun 2009):


Havlena, William, Kalluf, Alexandre, and Cardarelli, Robert, Building Cross-Media Norms: Optimising Communication Channels Against Marketing Objectives, WM3 ESOMAR World Research Conference Jun 2008. ESOMAR (Jun 2008):

Havlena, William, De Montigny, Michelle, Cardarelli, Robert, and Eadie, Wayne, Measuring Magazine Advertising Effectiveness and Synergies, Worldwide Readership Research Symposium Oct 2007. (Oct 2007):

Holak, Susan L., Havlena, William, and Matveev, Alexei V., Exploring Nostalgia in Russia: Testing the Index of Nostalgia-Proneness, European Advances in Consumer Research Jun 2005. Association for Consumer Research (Jun 2005):

Havlena, William, and Holak, Susan L., “The Good Old Days”: Observations on Nostalgia and Its Role in Consumer Behavior, Advances in Consumer Research Oct 1991. Association for Consumer Research (Oct 1991):


BA Statistics - Columbia College New York, NY US 1975
MBA Marketing - Columbia Business School New York, NY US 1984
PhD Marketing - Columbia Business School New York, NY US 1986

Professional Experience

Academic-Southern Methodist University Assistant Professor of Marketing Dallas TX Sep 1984 - Aug 1989
Academic-Rutgers University Associate Professor of Marketing Newark NJ Sep 1989 - Aug 1992
Academic-Fordham University Associate Professor of Marketing New York NY Sep 1992 - Aug 1996
Academic-New Jersey Institute of Technology Associate Professor of Marketing Newark NJ Sep 1996 - Aug 2003
Corporate-Kantar Senior Vice President New York NY Oct 2003 - Apr 2019