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William Havlena, PhD

Associate Clinical Professor


Headshot of Bill Havlena

Gerri C. LeBow Hall 818


Bill Havlena is an Associate Clinical Professor of Marketing. He joined LeBow after careers in both academia and business, most recently as Senior Vice President at Dynamic Logic and Kantar Millward Brown leading the North American team for the modeling of cross-media advertising campaign effectiveness measurement. His teaching has concentrated on marketing research, marketing analytics, and consumer behavior.

While at Dynamic Logic and Kantar, Professor Havlena’s team led the development of both quasi-experimental and model-based methods for the evaluation of the branding impact and efficiency of advertising campaigns run across multiple media for a wide range of products and services. His recent publications have focused on the effectiveness of advertising in both digital and traditional media. His research has also examined the role and measurement of nostalgia in marketing, consumer emotions in consumption experiences, marketing of the arts, and perceived risk.

Professor Havlena’s work has been presented at a variety of industry and academic conferences. He serves on the research committee of the Ad Council and is a member of the Market Research Council.

Areas of Expertise

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Research
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Marketing analytics
  • Cross-media advertising
  • Nostalgia marketing and emotional experiences
  • Marketing

Selected Works


Holak, Susan L., Matveev, Alexei V., and Havlena, William, Nostalgia in Post-Socialist Russia: Exploring Applications to Advertising Strategy. Journal of Business Research 61 (Feb 2008): 172-178.

Graham, Jeffrey, and Havlena, William, Finding the. Journal of Advertising Research 47 (Dec 2007): 427-435.

Havlena, William, Cardarelli, Robert, and De Montigny, Michelle, Quantifying the Isolated and Synergistic Effects of Exposure Frequency for TV, Print, and Internet Advertising. Journal of Advertising Research 47 (Sep 2007): 215-221.

Havlena, William, The Complementary Role of TV and Online Advertising. Admap 465 (Oct 2005): 47-49.

Holak, Susan L., and Havlena, William, Feelings, Fantasies, and Memories: An Examination of the Emotional Components of Nostalgia. Journal of Business Research 42 (Jul 1998): 217-226.

Havlena, William, and DeSarbo, Wayne S., On the Measurement of Perceived Consumer Risk. Decision Sciences 22 (Sep 1991): 927-939.

Havlena, William, Holbrook, Morris B., and Lehmann, Donald, Assessing the Validity of Emotional Typologies. Psychology and Marketing 6 (Summer 1989): 97-112.

Holbrook, Morris B., and Havlena, William, Assessing the real-to-artificial generalizability of multiattribute attitude models in tests of new product designs. Journal of Marketing Research 25 (Feb 1988): 25-35.

DeSarbo, Wayne S., Lehmann, Donald, Holbrook, Morris B., Havlena, William, and Gupta, Sunil, A Stochastic Three-Way Unfolding Model for Asymmetric Binary Data. Applied Psychological Measurement 11 (Dec 1987): 397-418.

Havlena, William, and Holbrook, Morris B., The Varieties of Consumption Experience: Comparing Two Typologies of Emotion in Consumer Behavior. Journal of Consumer Research 13 (Dec 1986): 394-404.

Holak, Susan L., Kennedy, Pamela K., and Havlena, William, Analyzing Opera Attendance: The Relative Impact of Managerial Versus Environmental Variables. Empirical Studies of the Arts 4 (Jul 1986): 175-188.

Holbrook, Morris B., Moore, William L., Dodgen, Gary N., and Havlena, William, Nonisomorphism, Shadow Features, and Imputed Preferences. Marketing Science 4 (Aug 1985): 215-233.

Presented Research

Havlena, William, What Works? New Trends and the Latest Learnings in CrossMedia Advertising Effectiveness, Advertising Measurement 4.0: New York, NY, (Jun 2009):


Havlena, William, Kalluf, Alexandre, and Cardarelli, Robert, Building Cross-Media Norms: Optimising Communication Channels Against Marketing Objectives, WM3 ESOMAR World Research Conference Jun 2008. ESOMAR (Jun 2008):

Havlena, William, De Montigny, Michelle, Cardarelli, Robert, and Eadie, Wayne, Measuring Magazine Advertising Effectiveness and Synergies, Worldwide Readership Research Symposium Oct 2007. (Oct 2007):

Holak, Susan L., Havlena, William, and Matveev, Alexei V., Exploring Nostalgia in Russia: Testing the Index of Nostalgia-Proneness, European Advances in Consumer Research Jun 2005. Association for Consumer Research (Jun 2005):

Havlena, William, and Holak, Susan L., “The Good Old Days”: Observations on Nostalgia and Its Role in Consumer Behavior, Advances in Consumer Research Oct 1991. Association for Consumer Research (Oct 1991):


PhD Marketing - Columbia Business School US 1986
MBA Marketing - Columbia Business School US 1984
BA Statistics - Columbia College US 1975

Professional Experience

Corporate - Kantar Senior Vice President New York NY Oct 2003-Apr 2019
Academic - New Jersey Institute of Technology Associate Professor of Marketing Newark NJ Sep 1996-Aug 2003
Academic - Fordham University Associate Professor of Marketing New York NY Sep 1992-Aug 1996
Academic - Rutgers University Associate Professor of Marketing Newark NJ Sep 1989-Aug 1992
Academic - Southern Methodist University Assistant Professor of Marketing Dallas TX Sep 1984-Aug 1989