Accessing Thomson Reuters Datastream Advance

Before you can access Thomson Reuters Datastream Advance, you must request permission to the database through LeBow Tech. Email to request access.

Thomson Reuters Datastream Advance is accessed through a virtual computer that resides on the LCB server farm. To use the software, you must first connect to the virtual computer. The virtual computer is intended to be used for data retrieval only. Once you have extracted the data you are interested in, please move it to another location (Mircosoft OneDrive is the preferred cloud storage method) so that you can process the data using your own machine. As soon as you have completed your query and moved your data, log off the virtual computer so that others may use the software after you. NOTE: Simply exiting out of the virtual computer is not enough. This will still leave you logged in and block access for any other user attempting to connect. You must log off from the Windows menu.

If you are attempting to connect to Thomson Reuters Datastream Advance from off-campus, you must first connect to the Drexel VPN. Instructions can be found at

Connecting with Windows 10

  1. Open the Windows Menu.
  2. Browse to Windows Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection.
  3. In the Computer: dialogue box, enter
  4. Select the Connect button.
  5. When prompted, enter your Drexel credentials.
    • If you are using a non-Drexel computer to connect, you will need to enter your username as drexel\abc123.
  6. The system will connect you to the remote machine.

Connecting with Mac OS

  1. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop application.
    • Verify you have the latest version using the App store… option in the Apple menu. The most recent version of Microsoft Remote Desktop has a circular application icon.
  2. Select the + menu option and select Desktop.
  3. In the PC Name: dialogue box, enter
  4. From the User Account: menu, select your Drexel credentials.
    • If this is the first time you’ve used Microsoft Remote Desktop, select Add User Account and complete the form that appears.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Double-click the new desktop connection you created.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the directions above, please contact the LeBow Tech Help Desk at 215.895.2113 or via email at

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