Bloomberg Terminal Access from Anywhere

Faculty, staff and students are able to access the Bloomberg Anywhere terminal software from any computer using Citrix Workspace. Our license allows for up to 10 concurrent connections (10 people at a time) to the Bloomberg software. Follow the directions below to access Bloomberg Anywhere.

Bloomberg BMC Account

Before accessing Bloomberg Anywhere, you must first have a terminal account with them. If you have a pre-existing account, proceed to the next section. If not:

  1. Browse to the Bloomberg for Education Portal.
  2. Select Sign Up above the Email (Username) field.
  3. Select the appropriate account designation.
  4. Complete the Sign Up form using your Drexel email address and select Sign Up.
  5. Email LeBow Tech at that you have created a new account so we can activate it for you.

Gaining Terminal Access

If you have never used a Bloomberg Terminal or have not used a Bloomberg Terminal in the last 90 days, you will need to request access to the service before you can use Bloomberg Anywhere. If you have used a Bloomberg Terminal within the last 90 days, proceed to the next section.

  1. Browse to the Bloomberg for Education Portal.
  2. From the Resources drop down menu, select Terminal Access.
  3. Select No and continue on to Step 4.
  4. Complete the Request Terminal Access form and select Request Terminal Access.

Once you have submitted your access request, a representative from Bloomberg will contact you at the mobile number you provided. They will ask you to verify your identity by sending you a numerical code as either a text or email. Once your identity is confirmed, they will finish creating your Bloomberg Terminal account and email your logon information.

Accessing Bloomberg Anywhere

  1. Browse to the Bloomberg Anywhere website.
  2. Sign in with your Bloomberg BMC credentials.
  3. Verify your identity using the code sent to your email or mobile phone.
  4. Using the down arrow next to the Launch button, select the launch method you would prefer.
    • NOTE: Safari 12 and above, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge do not support plug-ins so you will need to install the Citrix Receiver application to launch their software outside of your web browser. Citrix Receiver can be downloaded from