Creating On-The-Fly Videos with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Although the LeBow Recording Studio is an excellent resource for creating professional-quality lecture videos, in some instances, you may wish to post timely, on-the-fly videos to your Blackboard Learn course. Whether you’re creating a video solution for a difficult homework problem, recording a video lecture on a snow-day, or crafting a video announcement for your students, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is the best resource for low-stakes video creation in Blackboard.

What’s great about Collaborate Ultra is that it’s all contained within Blackboard; no need for students to download a video or go into a third-party site. The steps below will walk you through the basics of recording with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:

  1. From any of your Blackboard LEARN courses, go under the Course Tools area in the left-hand navigation bar, and select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:
  2. Screen capture of the Course Tools menu

  3. From the Blackboard Collaborate page, click on your Course Room or a scheduled session, and select Join Course Room
  4. Next, turn on your video and audio by clicking on the video and mic icons at the bottom-center of your Course Room
  5. Once you’re ready, click on the black “Session Menu” button on the top-left corner of the screen, and click Start Recording:
  6. Screen capture of session menu

  7. Once you’re finished, click on the Session Menu again and select Stop Recording
  8. Close out of your course room and give Blackboard Collaborate several minutes to process the video. Then, go back to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, and click on the top-left menu button. Choose Recordings:
  9. gif of recording menu

  10. “Recordings” will take you to a list of available Collaborate videos—click on any video link to watch the recording associated with it
  11. Once you have identified a recording you would like to share, click on the ellipses icon to the right of the video link and select Copy Link:
  12. Screen capture of video link menu

  13. The video link can then be deployed in any of your content areas by clicking on the appropriate content area from your course’s left-hand navigation bar, then selecting Build Content > Web Link

Once your recording link has been posted to the appropriate content area in Blackboard, you and your students can view your recording at any time.