How to Process and Grade Answer Sheets for Exams with Multiple Answer Keys

Refer to the How to Scan Answer Sheets for Exams with Multiple Answer Keys knowledge base article for instructions on how to scan and save the exam answer sheets and keys.

NOTE: Remark MUST be used through the Horizon client. For instructions on how to set vApps to open in Horizon, please refer to the Choosing a vApp Launch Method section of the Using LCB vApps KB article.

Processing the Answer Sheets

  1. Launch the Remark Data Center vApp.
  2. If prompted, sign on using your Drexel credentials.
  3. Select Templates.
  4. Select Open.
  5. Browse to This PC > Profiles (E:) > Remark Templates.
  6. Highlight the LCB Standard 75 Question Answer Sheet template and select Open.
  7. Select Data.
  8. Select Read.
  9. Select Read Images.
  10. Select Next.
  11. Use the navigation dropdown menu at the top to browse to the location of the scanned student response sheets.
    • LeBow Tech recommends saving these files to a folder in the root of OneDrive.
    • To access OneDrive, browse to *Z:\OneDrive – Drexel University**.
  12. Highlight the student response sheet scan you wish to process.
  13. Select Add Selected on the right.
  14. Select Read.

Grading the Answer Sheets

  1. Once all the answer sheets have been read into Remark, select the Analysis tile.
  2. Select Advanced Grade.
  3. Select Test Versions from the left menu.
  4. Check Define multiple test versions.
  5. Select Standard.
  6. From the Which question’s answer identifies the test version: drop-down menu, select Test Version.
  7. From the Import answer key from: drop-down menu, select Read (scan or import image).
  8. Select Import Key….
  9. Select Next.
  10. Use the navigation dropdown menu at the top to browse to the location of the scanned answer keys and highlight the first answer key.
  11. Select Add Selected.
  12. Select Read.
  13. Select Create Version.
  14. Repeat steps 7 – 13 until each answer key has been added.
  15. Select Question Properties from the left menu.
  16. Select Last Name and check the This question identifies the student option. Repeat this step with any other item you wish to use to identify the student (First Initial, Middle Initial, or University ID).
  17. Select Grade.
    • If prompted to exclude unused bubbles on the answer sheets, select Yes.
    • When prompted, you only need to save the answer key if you wish to open it at a later date.
  18. Under the Reports tile, select the report that best suits your needs.

Exporting Grade Data

  1. From the top toolbar, select Export Report.
  2. Set Export format: to the desired document type.
  3. Select Export.
  4. Browse to the location you wish to save the results.
  5. Select Save.