A conversation with SAP Consultant Rich Blumberg

Associate Director of Graduate Career Services Kelly Deily talks with Rich Blumberg president of World Sales Solutions and SAP consultant about the importance of networking, the importance of being prepared for an interview, and the good that resulted from a layoff.

Blumberg is a Drexel alumni and who built his company, World Sales Solutions, by realizing his talents led him to more of a consulting role and utilizing the Drexel alumni network to build connections that would lead his company to success.

Why Is Networking Important?

Blumberg and Deily both credit networking to be the driver of their career success, though it may take on many forms. Throughout his career Blumberg has developed three key networking tips to make any networking event a success.

Blumberg’s networking tips include:

  • Bring a friend
  • Aim to meet three people
  • If all else fails, try again next time

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Blumberg has developed top qualities he looks for in job candidates when hiring for his company.

  • Great education
  • Work experience
  • Community service/charity
  • Readiness and familiarity with the company

For more tips on job searching visit World Sales Solutions blog.

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