Strategies for Distinction and the Value of Being a Great Communicator

Kelly Deily talks with Matt Cabrey, executive director of Select Greater Philadelphia and host of the Growing Greater Philadelphia podcast, about networking success stories, the value of being a great communicator, and his own “Strategy for Distinction.”

With a background in radio and marketing communications, Cabrey’s journey to becoming the executive director of Select Greater Philadelphia was unconventional. It’s through a great deal of grit and determination, personal development and trusting the power of networking that Cabrey was able to reach where he is today.

Business Networking Success Stories

Through trial and error, Cabrey has built a successful networking strategy that show how you can use your connections with others for your professional success. Cabrey’s networking success story largely comes from a determination to connect with others and maintain those connections long after the initial introductions. The steps to the Cabrey’s networking process are as follows:

  • Open the loop - Be open and outgoing in professional and social settings. By being willing to make these connections, you’re able to meet people outside of your current network to get more opportunities. Cabrey states that he met many people critical to his career progression simply by being willing to make connections initially.
  • Close the loop - Reconnect with acquaintances you meet at social engagements. Cabrey suggests that maintaining connections through social events or other means are ways to stay in contact and develop a relationship with people overtime, leading you to stronger connections and new opportunities.

The Value of Good Communication Skills

Cabrey says that many people underestimate the value of communication. Though many students and professionals are unsure of how to be a good communicator, Cabrey says that these skills are something that can be developed overtime.

Cabrey suggests that being a good listener and being able to communicate your findings and values to others will help you make more of an impact in your career. By listening to what others want and are looking for and being able to communicate exactly how you can solve or meet those needs, you show the value of your work and abilities in a unique way. Cabrey says that though technical skills are important, being able to communicate your work with clients and colleagues is where the true impact lies.

Matt Cabrey’s “Strategy for Distinction”

Cabrey’s “Strategy for Distinction” is a method he says is vital for achieving your goals and working towards career success. Through personal anecdotes and working with others, Cabrey has been able to pinpoint ways that you can work towards setting clear goals and achieving them.

Set goals and share them with others

Cabrey says that while many people focus on setting goals, the true key lies in sharing them with others. Though it is important to know what you want to achieve, sharing those goals with others not only keeps you accountable, but encourages others to find ways that they can help you reach your goals.

Go for it

“You can’t get the opportunity without going after it,” says Cabrey. Forcing yourself to take action is critical because it helps you overcome your fear of failure. Cabrey shares that it’s easier to adapt when action is taken even if you have to shift gears or take a new route.

Nurture and value the relationships that we have with others

Relationships are vital to career success and landing opportunities but it’s important to nourish them and see past possible future benefits. Cabrey suggests focusing on nurturing and developing all relationships – family, friends, and community – and through those connections, building a larger stronger network.

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