DEI Requirements For Nonprofits From a Foundation’s Perspective

Drexel University’s Gupta Governance Institute and Grant Thornton’s biweekly Nonprofit Directors Dialogue Miniseries features nonprofit leaders and board members as they share insights and strategies for turning today’s challenges into tomorrow’s successes.

From a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) perspective, what information are you looking for and requiring of grantees?

When a grantee applies for a grant, we want to know: What is the makeup of the board? What is the makeup of the staff? Grantmaking at the Annenberg Foundation for the last six years has really been focused on an equity lens. We are looking into new neighborhoods where we haven’t responded before. We are looking at new ethnic groups that need help. The application itself speaks to an equity lens and DEI by asking about the composition of a board, the composition of the staff, the way by which this particular nonprofit is responding to which communities. We’ve been pretty focused on this for the last six years or so and we’ll continue to adjust, modify and to respond.