The Future of Business Analytics

Kelly Deily talks with Patrick Callahan, founder of CompassRed and Drexel alum, about failure, the future of analytics, and internship opportunities with his company.

Callahan has always been interested in data and the internet’s impact on business, but through trial and error was able to find his true passion and build a data analytics company with fellow Drexel alums as employees.

How to Overcome Failure in Business

Callahan says his positive attitude was what helped him survive his personal experiences with failure. Having taken a month off to start his own business, Callahan was sure that he would build a solid company during that time, but after the attempt failed and Callahan returned to work, his company went through layoffs. But through Callahan’s determination, he was able to build another company with his wife named the Archer Group, that he later sold. Callahan credits these career pivots to his current path which led him to create a data analytics lab that does consulting projects for companies.

What is the Future of Business Analytics?

As someone who has always had a passion for data, Callahan’s suggestions that data can solve many complex problems for companies is not surprising. “We live in a data-rich environment,” he says.

Callahan credits data and the idea that artificial intelligence will be able to use and supply us with data to transform our everyday lives, as the foundation of his business. According to Callahan, data can tell us problems before we notice them, tell us about the true value and impact of our products and services, and help us create a structured and systematic way of solving complex issues.

Getting a Data Science & Analytics Internship with CompassRed

As a very active participant in the hiring process for his company, Callahan says the primary predictor of someone’s fit is what he can see online from the candidate before they come in for an interview. Whether that is a blog post online or a post on social media, Callahan wants to know that potential candidates are thinking critically about data analytics and able to communicate their thoughts.

This emphasis on going beyond technical skills is critical according to Callahan who says that passion and communication are what truly make an impact in any role.