Five Tips for Writing the Perfect Resume

Whether you’re updating your resume or starting from scratch, these five tips from Associate Director of Outreach, Engagement & Professional Development Raquel Arredondo will help you write the resume that gets you the interview.

Resume Content Should Have Substance over Style

While you may be inclined to make your resume more impressive with expressive color and formatting, it’s important to try and stick with the basics. A conventional easy-to-read format can go a long way.

The tips below are easy-to-remember guides for keeping your resume clear and readable:

  • Maintain a consistent font size and style throughout the resume (try not to go below 12-point font)
  • Keep your name and contact information at the top
  • Rather than using different colors or font styles, use bold and italics to emphasize headings
  • Keep capitalization and date formatting consistent
  • Consider breaking it up into these sections: name, contact info, education, skills, experience, and awards

Emphasize Related Work Experience

Though you may have a wide variety of work experience that has led you to where you are today, your resume should only include the most relevant jobs to the position. However you choose to list work experience on your resume, you should be sure that every point refers to your relevant skills and experience.

Focus on Resume Accomplishment Statements

Nothing speaks more to your ability to perform than results. Whether you’re detailing your job experience or listing your skills, connecting them back to results – especially in numerical formats – will leave more of an impression on the reader.

When focusing on the how, why, and results of your accomplishments, consider these questions:

  • How much revenue did you generate?
  • How much time did you save?
  • How many people or projects did you oversee?
  • How quickly were you able to deliver results?

Finding ways to turn your results into data is key when showcasing your abilities.

Create a Resume by Highlighting Skill Sets

Resumes that perform the best highlight specific skill sets related directly to the job description. While many applicants attempt to do this by simply listing their skills in a separate section, you can make your skills the focus of your resume by making them a part of your job descriptions and projects.

Whether you want to focus on specific software you used or languages spoken, including them in your accomplishment statements under your job experience or detailing them in your education section can show the benefits of your skills in action.

List skills such as:

  • Technical skills
  • Software skills
  • Languages spoken
  • Certifications

Importance of Resume Proofreading

Your resume is one of the most important parts of the application process. Don’t let typos or spelling errors stop you from landing your dream job. Be sure to double and triple check your spelling, grammar and formatting before submitting you resume. If possible, have someone close to you proofread your resume or visit Graduate Career Services to get professional feedback from our advisors.