Center for Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence works to continuously improve the quality of students’ academic experiences. Center-sponsored initiatives include:

  • Providing workshops and mentoring for faculty
  • Supporting research on teaching effectiveness
  • Overseeing teacher and course evaluations by students

Bridging Practice and Theory Summit

Drexel LeBow’s annual summit is undergoing exciting changes and a renewed focus: facilitating a two-way dialogue between members of the business community and business faculty who teach and research in higher education.

BPTS is seeking proposals that address issues related to the alignment of business strategies and analytics. Select submissions will be compiled for inclusion in “Aligning Business Strategies and Analytics: Bridging Between Theory and Practice” and presented at the 2017 BPTS. Proposals due by Jan. 15, 2017

Learning Assessment Program

This college-wide learning assessment process ensures continued improvement in teaching excellence in accordance with AACSB standards.

Center for Teaching Excellence News