PhD Programs

Finance Specialization

The PhD specialization in finance prepares students to conduct significant financial research. Through their course work and by working closely with the finance faculty in research, our students gain a strong understanding of the theoretical foundations of finance, an intimate knowledge of the theoretical and empirical research literature, and the ability to effectively utilize the software and data bases used in financial research.

Faculty members in the Department of Finance currently pursue research in such areas as risk management, commercial banking, investment banking, initial public offerings, corporate governance, mutual funds, real estate finance, mergers and acquisitions, asset and capital restructuring, multinational financial strategy, global capital markets, and economic and business forecasting. Their research findings have been published in leading scholarly journals.

Students specializing in finance take the following 11 courses in addition to the PhD core courses:

  • ECON 910: Advanced Microeconomics I
  • ECON 920: Advanced Macroeconomics I
  • ECON 940: Econometrics I
  • ECON 941: Econometrics II
  • FIN 920: Foundations of Finance Theory
  • FIN 924: Seminar in Macro Finance
  • FIN 928: Applied Capital Markets
  • FIN 922: Corporate Finance Theory
  • Three electives with the permission of the adviser

Research Conversation with
Jared Wilson

PhD Candidate, Finance

What mechanisms effectively align the interests of corporate managers and directors with those of shareholders?