Center for Corporate Governance


The Center for Corporate Governance (CCG) is recognized as a premier research center of effective and responsible corporate governance. The research conducted among our world-renowned faculty is the core focus of CCG. Our research is published in top academic journals and informs and influences thought leaders in the business community at a variety of high-level industry and academic events throughout the year.

CEO Deal-Making Activities and Compensation
Eliezer Fich, Laura Starks, and Adam Yore, Journal of Financial Economics (December 2014)

On the Importance of Golden Parachutes
Eliezer Fich, Ralph Walkling, and Ahn Tran, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (December 2013)

Board Influence, Excess Compensation, and Shared Power: Evidence from Nonprofit Firms
Jacqueline Garner and Teresa Harrison, Financial Review (2013)

Co-opted Boards
Jeffrey L. Coles, Naveen Daniel, and Lalitha Naveen, Review of Financial Studies(April 2014)

Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Orientation, and Job Performance of Frontline Employees
Daniel Korschun, CB Bhattacharya, and Scott D Swain, Journal of Marketing Vol. 78.

A Paper Tiger? An Empirical Analysis of Majority Voting
Ralph Walkling, Jacqueline Garner and Jie Cai, The Journal of Corporate Finance. (June 2013)

Sources of Gains in Corporate Mergers: Refined Tests from a Neglected Industry
David Becher, J. Harold Mulherin, and Ralph Walkling, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (February 2012)

Say on Pay: Does it Create Value?
Jie Cai and Ralph Walkling, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (April 2011)

Do Hedge Funds Manage their Reported Returns?
Vikas Agrawal, Naveen Daniel, and Narayanan Naik, Review of Financial Studies (August 2011)

Anticipation, Acquisitions and Bidder Returns: Industry shocks and the transfer of information across rivals
Jie Cai, Moon H Song, and Ralph Walkling, Review of Financial Studies (June 2011)

Stock option grants to target CEOs during private merger negotiations
Eliezer Fich, Jie Cai, and Ahn Tran. Journal of Financial Economics (August 2011)

Preferred Risk Habitat of Individual Investors
Daniel Dorn and Gur Huberman, Journal of Financial Economics (July 2010)

Working papers

Democracy or Disruption: An Empirical Analysis of Majority Elections for Directors
Ralph Walkling, Jie Cai and Jacqueline L Garner.

The Price of Street Friends: Social Networks, Informed Trading, and Shareholder Costs
Ralph Walkling, Jie Cai and Ke Yang.

The Agency Costs of Managerial Indiscretions
Ralph Walkling Brandon Cline and Adam Yore

(A)symmetry in Pay for Luck?
Naveen Daniel, Yuanzhi Li and Lalitha Naveen