Latest Research

Research is a central focus at Drexel LeBow. Our faculty are regularly published in top tier and highly respected journals across the country and internationally. Below is a regularly updated listing of the most recently published research. For additional information on LeBow’s research initiatives, contact Raj Suri, associate dean of research, at

Additionally, LeBow students at all levels are encouraged to engage in research. Find out more about current PhD student research and research conducted by undergraduate students through the STAR Scholars research program.

Recent Works

Gefen, David, Miller, Jacob, Armstrong, Johnathon, Cornelius, Fran, Robertson, Noreen, Smith-McLallen, Aaron, and Taylor, Jennifer, Identifying Patterns in Medical Records with Latent Semantic Analysis. Communication of Association for Computing Machine (Forthcoming)

Pedersen, Natalie, and Eisenberg, Lisa, If Sitting Is The New Smoking, What Does That Mean For Employers?: An Analysis of Potential Workers’ Compensation Claims in the Sedentary Workplace. Lewis and Clark Law Review (Forthcoming)

Bhatt, Siddharth, Lee, Jeonggyu, Deutsch, Jonathan, Ayaz, Hasan, Fulton, Benjamin, and Suri, Rajneesh, From Food Waste to Value Added Surplus Products (VASP): Consumer Acceptance of a Novel Food Product Category. Journal of Consumer Behaviour (Forthcoming)

Pedersen, Natalie, Is More Parental Leave Always Better?: An Analysis of Potential Employee Protections for Leave Offered Outside the FMLA. Cleveland State Law Review 66 (Forthcoming)

Graham, Katrina, Dust, Scott, and Ziegert, Jonathan C., Supervisor-Employee Power Distance Incompatibility, Gender Similarity, and Relationship Conflict: A Test of Interpersonal Interaction Theory. Journal of Applied Psychology (Forthcoming)

Anderson, Rolph E., Cohen, Alex, Christ, Paul, Mehta, Rajiv, and Dubinsky, Alan, Provenance, Evolution, and Transition of Personal Selling and Sales Management To Strategic Marketing Channel Management. Journal of Marketing Channels (Forthcoming)

Wang, Chen, and Huang, Yanliu, “I Want to Know the Answer! Give Me Fish ‘n’ Chips” The Impact of Curiosity on Indulgence. Journal of Consumer Research (Forthcoming)

Lee, Jeonggyu, Bhatt, Siddharth, and Suri, Rajneesh, When Consumers Penalize Not So Green Products. Psychology & Marketing (Forthcoming)

Casper, Wendy, Vaziri, Hoda, Wayne, Julie, DeHauw, Sara, and Greenhaus, Jeffrey, The jingle-jangle of work-nonwork balance: A comprehensive and meta-analytic review of its meaning and measurement.. Journal of Applied Psychology (Forthcoming)

Prekopa, Andras, and Lee, Jinwook, Risk Tomography. European Journal of Operational Research (Forthcoming)

Aliaga-Diaz, Roger A., Olivero, Maria P., and Powell, Andrew, Anti-Cyclical Bank Capital Regulation and Monetary Policy. Economic Inquiry (Forthcoming)

Wang, Chen, and Huang, Yanliu, (Equal Authorship) “I Want to Know the Answer! Give Me Fish ‘N’ Chips!”: The Impact of Curiosity on Indulgent Choice. Journal of Consumer Research (Forthcoming)

Kim, Byung-Cheol, Lee, Jeongsik, and Park, Hyunwoo, Two-Sided Platform Competition with Multihoming Agents: An Empirical Study on the Daily Deals Market. Information Economics and Policy (Forthcoming)

Weer, Christy, and Greenhaus, Jeffrey, Managers&#-775232; assessments of employees&#-775232; organizational career growth opportunities: The role of extra-role performance, work engagement, and perceived organizational commitment.. Journal of Career Development (Forthcoming)

Shao, Ping, Li, Andrew, and Mawritz, Mary, Self-Protective Reactions to Peer Abusive Supervision: The Moderating Role of Third-Party Prevention Focus and the Mediating Role of Performance Instrumentality. Journal of Organizational Behavior (Forthcoming)