CCG Upcoming Events for 2008-09

CCG Upcoming Events for 2008-09

Thursday, September 25, 2008 - NACD Chapter Breakfast “Executive Compensation: Current Trends and the Reaction of the Presidential Candidates”

Dr. Ralph A. Walkling, Stratakis Chair for Corporate Governance and Accountability, will discuss the political fallout of the ever-increasing gap between CEO compensation and that of rank-and-file workers, and will analyze what Senators McCain and Obama have said they would do as President to address the situation.

Evidence and Perspectives Series - LeBow College of Business Evidence and Perspectives series features prominent corporate, academic and board leaders who provide insight on trends that directly affect the performance and success of public, private and nonprofit board-directed organizations.

Subprime Crisis as a Governance Failure?” November  2008

March 26, 2009 - Award Dinner for Practitioner in Governance 

The LeBow College of Business  Center for Corporate Governance will present an award to a practitioner for their outstanding contribution to corporate governance.
Spring 2009 - Directors Academy

The Academy will offer timely practical topics presented by area CEO’s along with some of the latest evidence from research.

Spring 2009 - Academic Conference

Academics from around the country are invited to present and discuss their research on corporate governance to an audience of their peers.