Neal Orkin

Neal Orkin

Areas of Expertise

  • Labor, Employment, Intellectual Property

Selected Works


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Presented Research

Orkin, Neal, Current Issues in Labor Law, Villanova Law School: Villanova, PA, (Mar 2010):

Orkin, Neal, Democratizing the Czech Employee Invention Statute, (Mar 2002):

Orkin, Neal, Reforming the Czech Law on Employee Inventions, Union of Czech Inventors at the Czech Industrial Property Office in Prague: Prague, Czech, (Apr 2001):

Orkin, Neal, Kafka, Prague, and Seinfeld, Moravian College: Betheleham, PA, (Mar 2001):


BS Electrical Engineering - Drexel University 1967
BA - Central High School 1967
JD - Temple University Law School 1975

Media Mentions

American innovation doesn't pay

via The Philadelphia Inquirer

Neal Orkin, JD., assistant professor of legal studies at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business, had an opinion piece titled “American Innovation Doesn’t Pay” published in the Philadelphia Inquirer. In it, he writes that the Obama administration’s proposal to bring back a research and development tax credit for employers that expired in 2009 is a poor idea.”Unfortunately, the credit didn’t work before, and it’s doomed to fail again,” he writes. “Corporations don’t invent or innovate. Creative human beings do.”