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Supporting the technology needs of faculty, staff, and students. Providing computer support, instructional design and web services. Available software, equipment rental, and college wide support for learning technologies and multimedia development.

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Creating Assignment Dropboxes in Bb LEARN

This tutorial explains how to accept paperless assignment submissions through Bb LEARN.

Student Preview Mode

This tutorial shows how to access “Student Preview Mode” in Bb LEARN.

Edit Mode

This tutorial explains Edit Mode and its uses in a Bb LEARN course shell.

Available Datasets

Numerous datasets are available to support LeBow faculty, staff and students with their research. Datasets are accessible in the Finance Trading Lab and online.

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Available Software

Software available to LeBow College of Business faculty and PhDs.

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Remark Office - Scantron Processing Software

Remark Office allows Faculty and PhDs to electronically process Scantron style exams and download the data in Excel format.

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Requesting Bb LEARN Course Shells

This tutorial describes the process for requesting a Bb LEARN course shell setup at LeBow.

Using the JMP Virtual Application

Instructions for running the JMP 11 vApp from the LCB virtual lab.

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vApp Access to LCB Software

What is vApp Access?
Utilizing Microsoft Remote Desktop services, LCB faculty, staff and students are now able to run selected software on personally owned computers. This extends the usage of applications outside of the computer labs, providing access to software that may be either incompatible with a user’s personal computer, or non-redistributable due to licensing restrictions.

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Using iCal Feeds on your Desktop

This article provides a step-by-step guide to include LeBow Events on your desktop calendars (Outlook, Apple Calendar, and Google Calendar) via iCal.

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