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Adding a Teaching Assistant (TA) to Your Blackboard LEARN Course

This tutorial demonstrates how to add a Teaching Assistant (TA) to your Blackboard LEARN course shell.

Add/Edit your CV on your web profile

Learn how to update the CV that appears on your faculty profile.

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Accessing Previously Graded Assignments

This tutorial describes how to access student work after it is no longer visible in the Needs Grading area in Bb LEARN.

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Changing Students' Groups

This tutorial describes how to switch students to a different group in Bb LEARN.

Accessing TurnItIn Reports & Grading

This tutorial provides an overview of the originality reports and grading features in TurnItIn.

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Creating Group Assignments in Bb LEARN

This tutorial describes the process of creating group assignment drop boxes in Blackboard LEARN.

Allow Additional Assignment Submissions

This tutorial describes how to grant students additional submissions to an assignment.

Adding Course Links to Weekly Folders

This tutorial describes how to add links to other course locations in Bb LEARN.

Grading Assignments Submitted in Bb LEARN

This tutorial describes how to grade submissions made through a Bb LEARN assignment.

Creating Assignment Dropboxes in Bb LEARN

This tutorial explains how to accept paperless assignment submissions through Bb LEARN.