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LeBow College of Business creates professionals who know the importance of the science of business: mastering analytical thinking, testing new ideas and proving results — both inside and outside the classroom.

It's not just business, it's the science of business. Watch our video about the Drexel LeBow MBA.

An MBA from LeBow is an opportunity to experience what you learn, question the answers and translate these experiences into sound, executable decisions that will transform you and your career.

Experienced professionals looking to progress to senior management can earn a comprehensive MBA with a special emphasis on leadership development. The student support, executive coaching and experiential components are all designed to impact your career from day one.

Bobbi Wendorff
Bobbi Wendorff
James Espino
Ravi Shankar
Sandra Anglin-Caldwell
Joe Rosenthal
Avery Amaya
Avery Amaya
Tim Rudderow
Sandra Urdaneta-Hartmann
Sandra Urdaneta-Hartmann

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