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Drexel LeBow Black Alumni Network

Drexel LeBow Black Alumni Network

The Drexel LeBow Black Alumni Network, an official college chapter under the Drexel Black Alumni Council (DUBAC), helps foster strong and meaningful relationships between Black alumni and other alumni of color with current and prospective students. Through programming, mentoring, volunteering and guest-speaking opportunities, there are many ways to get involved and connect with the LeBow community through this all-inclusive network.


The mission of the Drexel LeBow Black Alumni Network (DLBAN) is to support efforts in promoting diversity within the college by recruiting and retaining Black/African American and other underrepresented students and faculty at LeBow.

The Network will broaden opportunities for Black/African American alumni and students at LeBow; maximize Black/African American alumni participation; and create an all-inclusive network to connect Black alumni and other alumni of color with current and prospective students through programming, mentoring, volunteering and guest speaking opportunities.


To grow, sustain, and promote a thriving community of Black/African American alumni, students and faculty at the LeBow College of Business.


  • Build and sustain a robust Black alumni network in support of LeBow’s strategic initiatives.
  • Engage former, current and future students in a network that connects them to LeBow.
  • Support student recruitment, retention, academic achievement, and degree completion of Black/African American students and other students of color to maximize student success.
  • Deliver professional and personal development opportunities, including mentorship opportunities, to current students and alumni who identify as Black/African American or a person of color.
  • Provide a pipeline of diverse guest speakers to enhance the student experience.
  • Advance the careers and professional development interests of Black alumni.

Become a Volunteer: If you are interested in joining the Drexel LeBow Black Alumni Network, or if you have any questions, please contact Yasmeen Mayes ‘18, program manager, Office of Engagement and Alumni Relations at