Undergraduate Programs

Real-world experience is integral to LeBow’s curricula.

LeBow is where you learn the latest industry trends and solutions to real business problems. You can experiment with new knowledge and hone skills through hands-on learning. Undergraduates benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, unparalleled student support, technology and world-renowned faculty.

Areas of Study

Undergraduate studies at LeBow offer a wide array of areas of study through several majors and co-majors, featuring a liberal arts core and strong general business base.

Undergraduate students in class

Experiential Learning

At LeBow, we teach differently. Our students don’t just learn in the classroom; ample opportunities for hands-on learning outside the classroom provide a better understanding of the big picture.

Drexel LeBow Undergraduate Trip to Nasdaq

Student Life

Vibrant city life, numerous student organizations, on-campus events and your co-op opportunities provide you the tools to have a well-rounded, dynamic experience at LeBow.

LeBow Undergraduate Students

Drexel LeBow First-Year Student Experience

Explore the first-year experience at LeBow. First year students have unique opportunities for learning at LeBow, as well as support from their peer leaders.

The Drexel Co-op

Graduate with up to 18 months of hands-on, professional experience on your resume — and a huge advantage.

Drexel Student on Co-op

Undergraduate International Opportunities

Global learning through semesters abroad provides students the opportunity to develop intercultural communication skills, learn about unique business environments and gain hands-on experience in international markets.

Students posing in front of Eiffel Tower during international residency trip