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Business Student Organizations

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LeBow College of Business has various professional and academic student organizations related to nearly all functional areas of business. The following organizations are currently available to our undergraduates.

The Accounting Society helps undergrads understand the accounting curriculum, CPA Exam and networking through workshop, events and mentoring opportunities.

Providing extracurricular and networking opportunities within the field of marketing to make you competitive in today’s job market.

Committed to developing the next generation of Asian American leaders.

Empowering and developing Latino men and women as leaders of character for the nation, in every sector of the global economy.

Promoting the study and practice of accounting, finance and information systems, providing opportunities for self-development, service and association.

An international honor society devoted to recognizing academic achievement in the study of business.

Providing extracurricular and networking opportunities within the field of law for students who are interested in the legal profession or legal careers.

Prepare for your career through business networking and learning opportunities, as well as competition-based learning initiatives.

Encouraging people to explore the options available within economics as a career choice.

Broaden your financial knowledge and prepare for a career in finance by attending events, networking and participating in tournament events.

The Drexel MicroFinance Group researches countries in need of financial intermediation for the "unbankable" and aims to increase awareness about micro finance.

The Drexel Sales Club welcome students from all majors and schools who are interested in learning about sales.

Join the DSBA at events that explore different facets of the sports industry and allow members to network with industry professionals.

Drexel Women in Business strives to provide its members with resources and opportunities to succeed in business, with a focus on the female professional.

Dedicated to helping any Drexel University student with an interest in business, regardless of major, to become a leader in the business world.

Providing resources and opportunities to enrich the student life for students studying the management of information systems or related disciplines.

The premiere leadership organization for Asian professionals.

Furthering the educational, professional and career aspirations of people of color in accounting, consulting, finance and information technology

Bringing together student leaders with interests in both business and engineering to promote their integration into one practice.

DUREC provides career development, educational events, mentorship and networking opportunities in real estate for students at Drexel.

By enriching the knowledge and career development of our members, we encourage the interest and promote the growing importance of supply chain management.

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