Executive MBA ​Program (EMBA)

Where Leaders Become Catalysts

Drexel LeBow College of Business is recognized as one of the top Executive MBA (EMBA) programs in Philadelphia. An Executive MBA from Drexel LeBow will provide your life and your career with new direction. You will gain new knowledge, skills, confidence and clarity. All that you learn and experience, all the work, investment and sacrifice, will transform you from a mere leader into a more dynamic, clearer-thinking and increasingly capable individual - someone we call a catalyst.

Catalysts are known for making things happen. For transforming process and progress. For accelerating the current pace. For producing reactions and results never before seen.

That could be you and that is why the Drexel Executive MBA degree builds in something most others have not: your life. Your program will begin with a six-day learning residency and finish with an eight-day international immersion experience. In between, your classroom sessions and residencies are clustered to reduce time away from your work and personal life. For more information on Drexel’s Executive MBA schedule, view the 2021-2023 EMBA calendar.

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If you’d like to learn more about what a Drexel Executive MBA will mean for you, we invite you to contact Mark Dierkes at 215.571.3272 or mdierkes@drexel.edu for more Executive MBA information.

Infographic: 45% are women
Executive MBA Infographic: 14 Industries Respresented
Executive MBA Infographic: 65% hold senior management positions
Executive MBA Infographic: 35% have graduate degrees
Executive MBA Infographic: Average 39 Years Old
Executive MBA Infographic: Average Cohort Size of 20

Executive MBA Program Features

Our Executive MBA program is immersive, experiential and proven. It encourages close interaction between Drexel faculty and experts and our students.

Executive MBA classroom

The Benefits of the Executive MBA Degree

Our curriculum is built around 19 courses encompassing 22 disciplines – presented within seven different types of executive learning experiences, along with plenty of other added benefits to help in advancing your career.

Executive MBA students

Executive MBA Tuition Costs and Program Fees

The Drexel LeBow Executive MBA is an affordable, inclusive and residency-based program in the heart of the northeast corridor with easy access to NY and DC. Financial aid and scholarships are available. Read more about the additional benefits included in tuition costs.

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