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Department of Management

The Department of Management encompasses the academic disciplines of organizational behavior, organizational management and strategy and technology innovation management (STIM).

Academic Disciplines

Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is an interdisciplinary field of study dedicated to understanding how differences in behavior influence outcomes of importance.

Organizational Management

Organizational management explores communication, integrity, teamwork, cross-cultural sensitivity, negotiation and leadership.


STIM is about creating the future in established organizations and new ventures. Our courses emphasize the critical nature of strategic leadership, strategy formulation and implementation, technology management, and innovation.

Degrees Offered

Below is a comprehensive list of all degree programs in organizational behavior, organizational management and strategy and technology innovation management offered by the LeBow College of Business:

Graduate Options

Undergraduate Options

Research Areas of Expertise

Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Focuses on technology commercialization, social networks, cognition and strategy, firm performance and issues in venture capital.

Organizational Behavior

Focuses on teams and leadership, work-family balance and deviant behavior in the organization.

Latest Research

  • Zakaryan, Arusyak, Tzabbar, D, and Cirillo, Bruno, Mind the time: Failure response time, variations in the reasons for failures, and learning from Failure. Industrial and Corporate Change (Forthcoming)

  • Tzabbar, D, Lahiri, Amrita, Seo, Donghwi, and Boeker, Warren, When opportunity meets ability: The moderating effects of prolific inventors on novel drug innovation following product development failure in biotechnology. Strategic Management Journal (Forthcoming)

  • Mawritz, Mary, Farro, Andrea, Kim, Joongseo, Greenbaum, Rebecca L., Bonner, Julena, and Wang, Cynthia, Bottom-Line Mentality from a Goal Shielding Perspective: Does Bottom-Line Mentality Explain the Link between Rewards and Pro-Self Unethical Behavior?. Human Relations (Forthcoming)

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