EMBA Alumni Awards

Drexel EMBA Alumni awardee Adam Holt presented by alum Justin Ettelson

EMBA Alumni Awards

The EMBA Alumni Board built the EMBA Alumni Awards to recognize the accomplishments of our fellow alumni, showcase the continuous value of our education, and demonstrate, in real ways, the strength of our ever-growing network. We are seeking nomination(s) for alumni who meet the criteria listed below.

Award Categories and Criteria


An alumnus who has taken the plunge and successfully started their own business; Success in this case means that he/she is passionate about their growing business; Nominees should have personal financial interest in the business and be in leading management roles.

Service to the Community

An alumnus who, through their volunteer service or paid work, has made exceptional contributions to the betterment of their community or to the circumstances of others.

Service to the Profession

An alumnus whose work has brought him or her recognition within their field, or whose work has significantly contributed to the advancement of their profession.

Service to the Alma Mater

An alumnus whose efforts on behalf of EMBA/LeBow College of Business/ Drexel University, have enhanced the stature of the institution and education of its students through voluntary or professional associations with the University.

Submit your nomination. Deadline for nomination is Sunday, March 15, 2020.

Thank you very much for your participation. If you have any questions about the reception or nomination, please contact Antoinette Brock at embaalum@drexel.edu.

Past Recipients


  • Karen Jehanian (2000) – Service to the Alma Mater
  • Michael Paris (2016) – Service to the Profession
  • Leona Thomas (2010) – Service to the Community
  • Steve Washkalavitch (2015) – Service to the Board


  • Adam Holt (2004) – Entrepreneurship


  • Robert Plotkin (1999) - Entrepreneurship
  • Anahi Santiago (2010) - Service to Profession


  • Justin Ettelson (2001) - Service to Alma Mater
  • Samuel Gosselin (2007) - Entrepreneurship


  • James Espino (2010) - Service to Alma Mater
  • Carol Zachary Smith (2012) - Service to Community


  • Judd Newman (2010) - Service to Profession
  • Dennis Paris (2013) - Service to Community


  • Cynthia Conway (2007) - Service to Alma Mater
  • Peter Gilligan (2006) - Service to Profession
  • David Hill (2010) - Entrepreneurship


  • Frank Anastasi (2010) - Service to Profession
  • Rusty McCarty (2010) - Entrepreneurship
  • Larissa Milne (2006) - Service to Alma Mater
  • Helene Pierson (2000) - Service to Community
  • Robert Srubar (2004) - Service to Alma Mater